PROJECT your dreams into REALITY! by Danny Cahill of The Biggest Loser


We've all got dreams, life goals, and things we want to make happen. So what's the first step? Projection.

When you watch a movie, there's a machine that takes a digital file and PROJECTS it onto a screen so the movie goers can see it. Without the projection, it's just a file - something that is there, but it's not being realized, or even perceived!

Your dreams, goals, and aspirations are there. They are real. They just need to be realized. And the first thing you need to do is to PROJECT it for you and others to see!

In Proverbs 18:21 it says, "The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences." (NLT) This is so true! Your tongue is a PROJECTOR of your dreams and goals. What you project out of your mouth has the propensity to come alive! If you continually say, "I can't," that is what you will bring to life - both in your head AND in your heart. Speaking life over your dreams and goals is the first step to making your dreams come alive - and it begins by convincing yourself it is possible.

I just wrote a new praise and worship song about this! I am speaking God's truth about my problems - that what He says about them is bigger than the problem itself. And when I sing this song, the solution seems to rise up in my heart and mind, and the problem seems to fade into the background! It has happened so many times in my life - with my marriage, my finances, my weight, my music, and my addictions.

Look at the definition of let: to cause to; make: to let one know the truth. (read on!)

Biggest Loser Danny Cahill says: SIMPLIFY for success!

 EASY does it!

    Have you ever wondered how life got so complicated? When I was young, things seemed easier.  All I had to do was worry about getting my homework done, getting to football practice on time, and the girl I was dating at the time. (Alright, so the girl was a little complicated!) Have you ever thought, “Boy, life was so much simpler then, but now it’s so doggone complicated!”  Well, I agree.

   I speak worldwide about achieving goals, success, and living your dreams – not because I know about everything, but I do know a lot about those three things.  During my season of The Biggest Loser, I lost more percentage of body weight than any other contestant in the history of NBC’s Biggest Loser. And I owe much of it to simplifying my plan.   <read on>

Are you taking care of YOU?

    I went to get my oil changed the other day. As I sat in the waiting room I saw another car pull in. A very overweight man got out and seemed to struggle as he made his way inside to sit next to me. I said, “I’m 2000 miles overdue for this oil change!” He answered, “I never wait. That is what makes cars wear out. It’s not the driving; it’s not maintaining it that causes serious problems.” What a true statement!
   Then I asked him, “When are you going to start maintaining you?”  <read on...>

Find your WHY! - Danny Cahill

 After setting your goal, the next step to take the next step. Begin your journey by beginning action! While it seems easy to begin your action steps, it often proves tough to continue over time. Zig Ziglar once said, “Motivation doesn’t last. Neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.” This is so true! What you must have to continue down the path to your goals is to find your WHY.

When I was 460 pounds, I desperately needed my WHY to begin what seemed like an endless journey to a healthy weight. My WHY was revealed to me on evening at home! I was sitting on the couch watching television. My daughter, Mary Claire, came in and said, “Daddy, I want to be just like you!” I was so proud! Then she dropped the bomb – “I want a belly just like yours.”

I was mortified! I had a 69.5-inch stomach! How could I continue being this kind of role model to my 7-year old daughter and 9-year old son? I am the leader in my house, and I was leading my family down the wrong path! Well, that was the day my WHY was born! And on the Biggest Loser when I felt like quitting (which was a thousand times a day!), I thought of Mary, David and Darci! I wasn’t going to lead them in the wrong direction any longer! All I had to do was picture Mary’s freckled-face at 7 years old saying those words to me again and I would begin to work out even harder! <continued>

Q & A with Biggest Loser winner Danny Cahill!

      Monday Night during The Biggest Loser, I posted to ask questions and I would answer them in my next Lose Your Quit Blog.  Well, here they are!  I tried to answer every question as honestly as I could, and I hope they provide some information to you concerning your journey!  - Danny Cahill, Biggest Loser winner, Season 8

     Kim Halper - What's the best way to stay motivated to exercise during the winter months when you're stuck to mostly inside workouts??

I stay motivated by changing it up! Do body weight cardio one day, then lift the next, and then swim the next, etc.  By changing it up and pre-scheduling my workouts, I stay motivated! I, too, LOVE to exercise OUTSIDE! #outdoorsworkout

      Kara Hibbard Stack - How do you keep yourself important and top priority when you have a family?

I remind myself what happened when I didn’t keep myself a priority! I became 460 pounds! Then I try to include my family in workouts, travelling to motivational speeches, and other ways! They know that my health is vitally important!

Goal Setting – The road to your dreams! (Part 1 of 2)

   Dreams are the best thing for a future vision of your life!  In fact, I spend time each day meditating on my future dreams, which often change as time goes by.  Dreams dictate a direction, while goals dictate a path.  Think of it like this; If I want to drive to Calabasas, California (the location of the Biggest Loser ranch), I can start off by just simply heading West on the highway!  I’ll make progress to that long-term destination, but I will have to adjust my path and plan my steps to make it to Calabasas!  It would do me little good if I ended up in San Francisco.

Tomorrow is NOT pig out day!

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I hope everyone who can will attend the Turkey Trot Friday Morning at 8:30am downtown Tulsa! It will be a great way to stay on track, work off that stuffing or pie you might have had, and just do something good for you. You know, we often don't take care of us, and Black Friday would be a good time to begin again after Thanksgiving! I'm sure going to be there running it!

Biggest Loser Danny Cahill's review of Arby's - Danny's Fast Food Journal V1-E4

     Well, it’s off to Arby’s today!  I actually stopped along a bike ride and had a regular roast beef sandwich and fed the top bun to the birds to save calories. Then, while looking up the detailed information on the internet, I vowed never to eat another fast food item without having researched it first for my Fast Food Survival Guide. I saw that it contained a small amount of Trans Fats! TRANS FATS??? That’s what started this journey I am calling “Danny’s Fast Food Survival Guide.” Needless to say, I didn’t include ANYTHING with Trans Fats or immense amounts of sodium on this list! Here are some of the healthiest options: <read on>

What if I do "EAT MORE CHIKIN?"

     McDonald’s was up last week. I was surprised to see there were actually some things that you could eat that would allow you to “weather the storm” of a stop through the drive-thru!  Again, I want to stress that I am not advocating any restaurant as a health food stop; it’s just that in America today, we sometimes find ourselves eating there on the go, with friends, or just before that important meeting!  If this is going to happen from time to time, why not know what the healthiest options are?  So today we look in my 3rd installment at a restaurant that I actually ate at from time to time during my season of The Biggest Loser, season 8! This proves that you can eat some things in moderation at a drive-thru and still lose 239 pounds in 6 ½ months! This week it is Chick-fil-A. <read on to know more!>

Here are some of Chick-fil-A's healthier (not healthy!) options:

  -  Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich, 300 calories, 3.5g fat, 38g carbs, 29g protein, 1120mg sodium

"Biggest Loser" Danny Cahill asks: Is there anything I can eat at McDonald's? Fast Food Survival Guide V01 E02

Danny Cahill's Fast Food Survival Guide - V01 - E02 - McDonald's

      Last week we took a look at Taco Bell. Although the burritos were out of my calorie range, I found that there were some lower calorie options. Remember that this is not intended to push fast food to the public, but it is meant to offer my preferences for the healthier options on the menu. My opinion is that of someone who has lost over 200 pounds, and kept it off for more than 3 years – not that of a nutritionist or trainer. And I am a balanced individual. Yes, I have to eat fast food every now and then!

     Today, I present the question is there anything to eat at McDonald’s that I can live with? Let’s take a look. Here are some choices I found on the menu listed from lowest to greatest calorie content: <read on for details>

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