Big Reach Center of Hope BACK TO SCHOOL!

Danny will be at the Big Reach Center of Hope in Ohio Saturday, August 7th from 8:00AM to 3:00 PM! (Big Reach Center of Hope, 11767 Lisbon Road, Greenford, Ohio 44422, Phone: 330.533.3278)  We will be handing out school supplies, backpacks, helping underserved children get back to school in style!  Come out and visit Danny at the Big Reach Center of Hope and help get a few kids back to school!  Partner with us and bring a donation! www. for information!

St. Jude Home Giveaway raises $805,150 for a great cause.


The Biggest Loser Ever Danny Cahill's surgery is complete!

 Well, on the Biggest Loser in Season 8, Danny became the Biggest Loser Ever by shedding 55.58% of his body weight....the most in the history of the show!  And, it was lost in the shortest season ever! Well, now he lost some more weight thanks to Dr. Chopra and Dr. Ordon from the television show "The Doctors" by their incredible surgery on his chest and stomach area to lose the extra skin!  Danny is healing fine and things are going as planned!  Be sure to tune in to the Doctors when the new season airs to see the results, as well as The Biggest Loser Season 10, where Danny is the Master of Ceremonies in the Oklahoma City casting call where the new contestants are chosen!

Danny Cahill is going under the knife on "The Doctors"

 Well folks, the time has come!  Dr. Ordon and Chopra from "The Doctors" show are about to make me a new man!  I am going to have my surgery in June, resulting in a better shaped Danny! 

People often ask me about the extra skin.  Well, it's there!  If I removed my girdle, you'd see it hanging out a bit!  Well, in a few weeks, I will never have to wear that girdle again!  Thanks to the wonders of Plastic Surgery.  Now, I'm no advocate for unneeded plastic surgery, but mine is an issue that you will see needs to be tackled.  Be sure to tune in to "The Doctors" in September to see the before/after results, as well as the consultation and who knows what else! 

I am excited!  YAY!  Thank you DOCTORS!

Danny to appear at the Center of Hope Walk in Youngstown, Ohio June 5th!

 Hey!  Danny is going to appear and walk at the center of Hope walk in Youngstown Ohio on June 5th, 2010! Come out!  The web address for information is

Come on out and walk with and see Danny, get an autograph and just help out with a worthwhile cause!

Danny to appear on The Biggest Loser in Oklahoma City Monday, May 17th!

HEY!  Come on out and join me Monday, May 17th at 9:30 in front of the Oklahoma City Hall on Walker Avenue downtown Oklahoma City and THE BIGGEST LOSER to help film an episode!  I am going to play some music, so come on out!  Also, this Saturday Night, all of you Discovery graduates come on out to Discovery Dallas!  I will be making an appearance at the Saturday Night party this weeked!  I have heard that one of the Biggest Loser trainers will be in Oklahoma City, so don't miss next Monday!Danny C

NBC Tulsa Interviews my Wife and I!


A Christmas Snow Trailor

 I am in an AWESOME movie!  A Christmas Snow!  Trost Moving Pictures has created a winner, I think!  And I get to be a small part of it!  I am the food critic!

Lose Your Quit

Alright.  There is a new page coming to my website.  It is going to be Motivational and Inspiration tips. Tips, Encouragements, and Just life lessons that I have learned that might help you all on your journy!  Tune in and I will at least put up 2 a week.  My first is RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!  Lose Your Quit! 

For years, I lost weight at times, only to look in the mirror, see not much of a difference, and QUIT! Gain all that weight back and then some.  Over the years, I probably lost near 1000 pounds!  But I quit.  Well, during the show, I "LOST MY QUIT!" Guys, no matter what you haven't been able to achieve before now, if you LOSE YOUR QUIT, you can, and WILL, get it done!  You just have to change your mind and LOSE YOUR QUIT! Get yourself back in the race. find your reason, and GO FOR IT! 

So, today, right now, I tell you to LOSE YOUR QUIT and start living life like you were meant to live it...As a CHAMPION!  Like Shay, Abby, Liz, Rudy, and all of the Losers!  GO FOR IT!


Danny C

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